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JB9 can't write the correct syntax for ejb-ql ?

2003-06-30 08:13:47 PM
I'm using JB9 to create ejb2.0-cmp for weblogic 8.1(or weblogic7), every
thing is fine excep I need to have a query tag of <ejb-ql>, which is
supposed to be as below for weblogic:
<![CDATA[select Object (o) from Product as o where = ?1]]>
The problem is that, what JB9 create the looks as
<select Object (o) from Product as o where = ?1>
(weblogic doesnt' recognizes the second syntax.)
I can modify this syntax manually, but whenever compilying/saving/deploying,
JB9 restoring its default-type-syntax.
1. how to change this default type for JB9?
2. how to let JB9 deploy/jave project without overwriting the modified
project.jar ?
Thanks lots

Re:JB9 can't write the correct syntax for ejb-ql ?

(weblogic doesnt' recognizes the second syntax.)
Are you getting any compilation errors? The syntax generated in JB should work.
It's standard EJB-QL. Are you trying to use Weblogic QL?

Re:JB9 can't write the correct syntax for ejb-ql ?

"Lata Amujuri" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >wrote in message
when you say it does not recognize the syntax, what do you mean? the ql
does not
work correctly or do you get runtime errors?

Frankly speaking, that's run-time warning (with sometimes run-time errors
displayed) in weblogic side.
But, as in the first thread mentioned, if the tag-sybtax is
<ejb-ql><![CDATA[select ... from..]]></ejb-ql>---( this is weblogic8's
recommanded syntax)
instead of
<ejb-ql>select .. from..</ejb-ql>--- (this is JBuild9's syntax)
then weblogic always is satisfied with it.
anyway, one more thing regarding syntax in jar.xml for weblogic, say in
weblogic-cmp-rdbms-jar.xml, the syntax should look as
but JB9 generates as
<method-param>String</method-param>---( missing
so weblogic showing another warning, as
<Jul 1, 2003 5:34:36 PM EDT><Warning><EJB><BEA-012032><Warning: for EJB
Product, a weblogic-query element in the CMP deploment descriptor has no
matching query element in the ejb-jar.xml descriptor. The settings specified
in the weblogic-query element will be ignored. The EJB method referred to
by the weblogic-query element is anymethod(String).>
Two years ago, when deploying quite similar ejb to above one via JBuilder6
and weblogic6 sp3, no such warning or errors encountered.
anyway, I don't think these are big deals, so far JB9 is still my teams
first choice.