building resuable web UI components

2004-06-19 07:28:40 PM
sorry if this post is considered OT; but the comments here are generally
very helpful and its not too crowded in here.
what's the technology that may be best suited to building reusable * web *
ui components for IE based web apps? say, for example, a screen (or maybe
a couple of screens) that allows users to do the following:
1) CRUD operations against a database of employee info.
2) take employee info returned from a search and dump it into the calling
eventually it would be integrated into x number of sites on the corporate
intranet & any of these sites that used the components could be written in
asp, j2ee, coldfusion, php, etc.
does it seem like the functional equivalent of a portlet? if so, does a
portlet typically return data to a calling app? that would seem more like
a web service. dunno, so i'm open to suggestions.
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