Re: how to resize the first column in JDBTable

2004-05-24 03:52:37 AM
I am having the same problem:
I attach a DataSet to a JdbTable, fill it with columns and data: But when I show it, the first column (the one that numbers the rows) is too narrow and so shows only values "..." instead of the actual indices (1, 2, etc.). After I click on the table, it resizes and redisplays itself correctly.
Is there someway to ensure that the table displays correctly from the very first, without the user having to click on it?
I could not find any ideas from reading about the RowHeader and would be grateful for any suggestion.
pnichols < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >wrote:
hoonty wrote:

>My JDK's version is 1.4.2_01-b06. And the Oracle JDBC Driver version is
> I found a fact. If I init the JdbTable and add it into the
>TableScrollPane in the main founction. then it will be OK. But if I do
>this after the gui showed. It will like that I descripted before.

Ah, now we are getting somewhere. The RowHeader is actually implemented as
part of the TableScrollPane (I think that this is where the Default
TableRowHeader is created). So, if you are going to modify the JdbTable
RowHeader, you are going to implement your own TableRowHeader and override
the defaults.

See the info under JB Help on
TableRowHeader class.