Re: JBX: Update to table with one rowID column specified includes ALL columns!

2005-01-06 04:22:02 PM
Bradley Kieser schrieb:

I am trying to find out why JBX, when it's resolving an update back to a
single view query for a dataset that I have turned metadata rowid off on
and have only ONE column specified as the rowID still includes every
single column in that row in its search. The view is an updatable view.

It then fails because, of course, one (or more) of the columns has
updated, so it thinks that the row is deleted and throws up the familiar
error message.

I am running against a Postgres 7.4 database. The rowID column is an
integer column. There are no nulls in this column.

I am wondering if JB is adding every single column because the ID column
that I supply as the rowid is nullable?

If this isn't the reason, then can someone please tell me why this is
hapening and how I can work around it?


JB is doing something like "optimistic locking".
You can control this behaviour by setting searchable-property
to "false" in the column editor.
Olaf Raether