Belise Licence Server: difference between named and concurrent users?

2003-09-16 05:32:06 PM
i am using belise on a Win2000 Server with jbuilder 9 enterprise
installed on workstations.
i notice i have a 'named' user licence, i.e. the config file
downloaded from borland's hosting site contains server.slip and
what is the difference between the 2?
if i have 25 named user licences, does that mean if i add a 26th entry
in userlist.txt it will be ignored, but if i have 25 concurrent user
licences, the 26th entry will be accepted if there is <25 connections
at that time?
i.e. every user must still be 'named' its just that the userlist.txt
is treated differently? what would happen if i did add a 26th entry to
my 25 named users, would the licence server refuse to startup or just
report a message?
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