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Hibernate (was Availability thread on Delphi.non-tech)

2003-11-21 05:03:45 AM
Here are some answers to your interrogations from the hibernate website:
Detached object support
Serialized objects may be selectively reassociated with Hibernate, and their
state synchronized with the database. You do not need Data Transfer Objects
in a multi-tiered architecture
Session level cache
Optional JVM level cache
Integration with J2EE architecture (optional)
SessionFactory may be listed in JNDI
Session is serializable so may be kept by a stateful session bean or in a
servlet HttpSession with loadbalancing/failover
Application server datasource may be used to provide JDBC connections
Transactions integrate with application server transactions via JTA
New JCA support
Hibernate may now integrate with application servers via JCA.
Support for optimistic locking with versioning/timestamping
Highly scalable architecture
Designed from the ground up to work in a cluster. Unless JVM-level caching
is used, there is essentially NO synchronization used in the entire
persistence layer. Transaction isolation is guaranteed by the way Hibernate
integrates with database / JTA transactions.
Of course all this is done with plain java objects and a few XML
configuration files ! That means you have inheritance, no need of separate
DTOs etc... Oh and it's free, open source software...
Am I totally missing something or can that be used as an Entity EJBs
replacement ?

Re:Hibernate (was Availability thread on Delphi.non-tech)

Byoob wrote:

Thanks a ton!! I will look at it and let you know..