Parameter from a querydataset

2004-10-12 11:57:45 PM
Hello All,
I am running into somewhat annoying problem. First of all with querydataset
you are able to have your parameters picked form either parameterrow or
another querydataset.
For now ( please correct me if I am wrong) the very first datarow of a
querydataset provides a set of parameters.
What I want is to pick the parameters from all of the rows in a querydataset
for instance :
select clientid, subdesc from client -- querydataset to provide the
select type, values from typetable where type = :subdesc --- destination
For now all i am getting is the parameter from very first datarow where as I
want to collect the parameters from all the datarows.
I have read the white papers which helped me solve a lot of other issues but
this one is remaining.