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jar files: manifest and .sf discrepancies

2004-11-25 07:54:50 AM
Hi again,
It looks like I can't launch my executable jar (containing an ejb-client)
mainly because the manifest file doesn't contain any digests, while in the
.sf file, there are some digest entries. How do I get Jbuilder to put the
corresponding digests into the manifest ? Is there a way to not use digests
at all, that means, not signing the jar, which seems to happen automatically
? Does Jbuilder sign that jar because its a j2ee app client?
I tried a workaround by signing that jar once again from the command line,
which adds millions of digests to both the SF and manifest file. But it
seems the missing ones in the manifest from the beginning are getting
ignored, so even after re-signing, the manifest and the SF file do not fit
to each other. Still the same exception:
Exception in thread main java.lang.SecurityException: no manifest section
for signature file entry javax/security/cert/Certificate.class
thanks a lot

Re:jar files: manifest and .sf discrepancies

I solved the problem. If someone wants to know how:
The JBoss-client lib contains amongst others some security classes. If
JBuilder creates a jar and these classes are on the classpath, it signs
them, but without putting the digests in the manifest. That's why the jvm
doesn't start the app. I created a library with only those JBoss client
classes I really need, letting out all security classes, included it in my
app with "include all", and it worked.