Remote JDSServer problem

2004-10-27 10:08:04 PM
I have purchased and installed JDataStore7 with unlimited users. I am
using JBuilderX Developer. Trying to edit a database application
created in JBuilderX, works fine using Developers license localhost.
Now I want to make sure that it works via JDS7 license. I have
started JDSServer on a NT4 network file server and can connect to the
jds file using JDSServer Console on the server. Now I am trying to
use JBuilder Database Pilot on my desktop computer to connect to the
jds file using remote connection, but I get a Protocol error and stack
trace saying connection source (unknown). Argg!
NT Server name--server01
Server File location: d:\groups\myfolder\jds\db.jds
d:\groups\myfolder is a share and on my desktop this is mapped as
drive E:
so full path on my desktop is e:\jds\db.jds
Using Database Pilot
Connection Definition
URL jdbc:borland:dsremote://server01/d:\groups\myfolder\jds\db.jds
Driver com.borland.datastore.jdbc.DataStoreDriver
or do I use my local mapping like this:
URL jdbc:borland:dsremote://server01/e:\jds\db.jds
(tried that also with no luck!)
I also have not added the new datastore.license file but I would think
that I would get a license error, not a "unknown" connection error.
p.s. I would I also setup JBuilderX to use both license files? Or do I
need to?
Thanks Again...