Re: Could not find main class. Program will exit! (some feedback)

2006-03-28 12:16:09 AM
I was told that they have another SW installed that change the
classpath. However, they didn't tell me what SW or what the change was.
Does anyone know of a way to get the "latest" JRE from the registry and
use that in a bat file where I define the classpath needed to run my SW?
Magnus wrote:

Thanks for your input but that can not be the case here since the
installation is from an innosetup script that installs everything.

The installation could not have been "corrupt" either since they could
install and run on another machine.

Still a puzzle to me.

Arthur Ore wrote:
>Hi Magnus,
>I don't know if this helps, but I'm sure I had a similar situation a
>couple of years ago, when I ftp'd a jar file from one machine to
>another. I forgot to put ftp into binary mode, which must have caused
>a corruption. Don't know whether that could have happened here?
>"Magnus" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >wrote in message
>news:4411b8b6$ XXXX@XXXXX.COM ...
>>I have an app that is started via an icon that starts a bat-file with
>>all needed classpath files added.
>>This installation has been working for over 100 installations.
>>Now, I have a client that get the "Could not find main class. Program
>>will exit!" message.
>>What could cause this?
>>Using WinXP.
>>He first tried with JRE 1.5.6 and the 1.4.3 and have been
>>un-installing and installing the app in various step and order to
>>make it work but always the same problem.
>>He has another PC where it works so I asked him to send me the 2
>>different classpaths since I don't know where else to look.