Re: jbuilder 8/9

2003-07-02 12:58:25 AM
Hi Rudy,
You should receive an attached activation file in an email when you
download the Personal edition. It is usually titled "reg236.txt" or
something like that. All you need to do is save this file to your
user home folder which is usually:
Documents and Settings\username\
where "username" is your user name. If the file is not coming
through as a text file, you should check your mail reader to see
what it is saving it as.
If your attachment is corrupt, try downloading the software again
so you can get a new activation file.
Steve Peters
Borland Developer Support
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rudy birchler wrote:
donwloaded the version 8/9 personal
i received by email a key for installation

all ok installation run

but when in tryn to read in this key is invalid or corrupted
what i my mistake??

greetings rudy