Thank you very much for the helpful suggestions, it works..

2004-07-09 03:09:08 AM
Hi Paul,
Thank you very much for the helpful suggestions. I get it worked. Thanks!
"Paul Furbacher [TeamB]" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >wrote:
weng wrote:
>I didn't see mysql drive from the connection drop down menu.
>So my questio is how can I do it inside the JBuilder
>to get the connection to mysql database?
>Is the following steps right?

Unfortunately, no.

>1.copy mysql driver to "C:\JBuilderX\thirdparty\jakarta-tomcat-4.0.6-LE-jdk14\lib"

No. Organize your third-party libraries in some fashion, such
as creating a "d:/Java/Libraries" folder and putting them
in separate folders under this folder. Then, see below.

>2. Add C:\JBuilderX\thirdparty\jakarta-tomcat-4.0.6-LE-jdk14\lib to CLASSPATH.

JBuilder does not refer to the classpath, so it's absolutely
useless to do this.

This is stated in the documentation available via the Help menu.

>3.Then fill in "com.mysql.jdbc.Driver" in Driver,
>and "jdbc:mysql://localhost/mydatabasename" in the URL.

Okay, but you have to set up JBuilder itself so that it is aware
of your driver.

Please consult the excellent information by going to the
JBuilder Help menu>Index tab; type "JDBC drivers" to start
your search. Choose "adding to JBuilder" and then
after reading that, read "adding to project".

Use the force, Luke.


Paul Furbacher (TeamB)

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