deleting from a hierarchical table using datasets

2003-09-27 12:25:15 AM
To simplify things let's say I have a hierarchical dataset (fields:
id, name, parent id). When I delete a row from this dataset I also
delete all its children and grandchildren (the order of deletion is
postorder meaning that I always delete the children first). The
problem is that when I save the changes JBuilder doesn't preserve the
deletion order and I get constraint errors (child record found)
because I a have a foreign key constraint from the sql table to itself
parent id = id.
My question: Is there a way to preserve the deletion order when the
changes are resolved back to the database? I use jbuilder 8. If it is
not possible I guess I will have to disable the constraint (which I
don't like).
Just another question: Is it possible to get a debug version of the
DataExpress library. The library is not compilable from the source
code. The fact that at 8th version I can't step into those classes
when I debug it drives me nuts.