ANN: JBuilder Touch Utility OpenTool

2004-11-26 11:34:09 PM
The Touch Utility OpenTool is an addon module for the Borland JBuilder IDE,
which offers various timestamp capabilities directly from inside of the
JBuilder IDE. This OpenTool offers:
- to timestamp a complete JBuilder project
- to timestamp JBuilder project related file and package nodes
- to timestamp any file system nodes from inside of JBuilder
NOTE that such timestamp facilities have to be performed with very much care
and a good background knowledge for JBuilder projects and internals itself,
since many of JBuilder's own internal capabilities rely on there initial
untouched project related filesystem timestamps. For example the compiler
and JBuilder build system are heavily dependent on timestamps, as do the
JBuilder VCS support and filesystem based backup and diff system etc. too! -
So there is always also some danger when performing timestamps on JBuilder
projects directly by surpassing JBuilder's itself !
On the other side, it is sometimes useful for the advanced JBuilder user, to
have such timestamp capabilities directly from inside of the JBuilder IDE,
if project releases have to be distributed or published with unique setup
timestamps for all distribution related files and directories etc.
This OpenTool can be found on CodeCentral as submission:
it will be later, with some delay, also be avaiable from the KyrSoft website
Valentino Kyriakides