Text field value stretched based on the space occupied by character

2008-01-24 01:03:40 PM
I am currently working on jasperreports in my project.
I am facing a problem with text field alignment.
Here problem is if i display the long text in report text field then
it will stretch towords right.
I have already change the text field propreties as follows
Stretch Type=>No stretch
Line spacing=>single
Importently i Uncheck the "Stretch with overflow".
It is working fine when the text contains the cahrecters like
If text contains the charecters like 'f','y' then it will stretch to
words right.
The only solution i came
up with was to truncate the value if it was over 'x' characters and
display the rest as a tool-tip.
So,how can i truncate the value for 50 characters using iReport
tool.Please any body give me the procedure.