Crystal Reports & JBuilder X don't work

2004-01-23 08:30:46 PM
I downloaded the crystal reports for JBuilder from Borland's web site.
Installed it.
In JBuilder:
Create a new project,
add a report.
Double click on the Untilted1.rpt in JBuilder
I get a message window saying "Crystal Reports Designer has not been
installed on this system. Register now to receive access to the Crystal
Reports for Borland JBuilder designer download web site".
I click on the "Register Now" link, this brings up JBuilder's Web browser
window with a little menu on the right and a long URL string in the middle.
And that's it.
Clicking on anything (and everything) in the browser does absolutely
Is there any way (as a registered Borland JBuilder X customer), that I can
get these darn reports to work?