EJB Designer problems

2003-07-19 09:33:19 AM
Hi, I use JBuilder8/JBoss/MySQL. I use EJB Designer to create my Entity
Beans. I use auto-increment primary key in most of my database tables.
So I have to set most of my Entity Beans primary key type as Object and
use Undefined Primary Key in my ejb-jar.xml. But somehow, EJB Designer
doesn't like the Undefined Primary Key, keep on rewrite my interface and
bean code to set the first field as my primary key, also rewrite the
ejb-jar.xml file.
I went to Tools-IDE Options-EJB Designer, unchecked "Always regenerate
interfaces". The problems are still there.
Basically, I have to keep on changing my primary key to be Object type
from ejb-jar.xml, and all those interface, bean java files to build the
project. I'm wondering how do I get around this to not allow EJB
Designer rewrite the code and ejb-jar.xml file.
Many Thanks