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2003-11-28 08:54:15 AM
How I can design JTreeTables in JBuilder? Is it possible?


Rocket wrote:
How I can design JTreeTables in JBuilder? Is it possible?
There are examples of tree tables out on
the Web. I was looking at some from
and other places recently.
Are you using one of those?
If you are, does the component have a no-parameter
constructor? If it does, it may be possible to
add the component to the palette. See the
on-line Help; "Index" tab -- "adding components"
Look at the sub-topic "to component palette".
(Earlier versions of JBuilder may have this
indexed in a different manner, but it _is_ in
the Help.)
It may be difficult to display the model "live"
in the Designer, since creating a tree model is
usually a multiple-step process of adding nodes.
However, some tree models may be described as
a 2d-array. In such a case, try declaring the
array as a member variable, and initialize
it with fake data as you declare it.
Paul Furbacher (TeamB)
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Is it in Joi Ellis's Faq-O-Matic?
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