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Re: request for feedback on JBuilder 2007

2007-03-09 09:48:31 AM
Michael Stum wrote:
Gillmer J. Derge [TeamB] schrieb:
>Lori M Olson [TeamB] wrote:
>>Best to start here, so you know where you are going:
>Have you found anything that actually says what "Turbo" is? It's not
>in the feature matrix, and I can't find any kind of README or
>introduction or press release anywhere that says what is and isn't in
>the Turbo version.

It's interesting to see that there is really NO mention about it
_anywhere_ on Google, which is strange.

And i could swear that 21/02 is incorrect as date, when i looked a few
days ago i could only see the 2006 and 2007 Enterprise Trial so it's
like it has been ninja-uploaded yesterday or the day before.

Way to go, CodeGear Marketing :)
It is possible they are waiting to announce it at CodeRage next week -
Lori Olson [TeamB]
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Re:Re: request for feedback on JBuilder 2007

Jeff Wilsbacher < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >wrote in news:45d4beb6$1
The JBuilder team would love to get feedback on how we're doing with the
usability of JBuilder 2007.

sucks. Worthless.