Re: Borland plans separate company for Delphi, JBuilder, C++Builder,InterBase,JDataStoreandother developer products...

2006-02-15 02:54:34 PM
While agreeing in general with this (and I think that JBuilder is
much more user friendly), but I have some notes:

5. Project switching is one of the worst things in JBuilder (and
there is a tooltip on a file tab in Eclipse saying where the file
is from). For example, I want to put a break point: simple double
clicking on a file opens the file, but changes active project, so I
cannot set break point there and I switch project back, but the
file is not opened any more! The only way is to "find class" and
open it in the current project.
That could be remedied fairly easily by adding a menu item to the
editor tab, something like "Open file in project>list of project
as sub-menu items.
Plus there are real project dependencies in Eclipse.
No kidding! Why list all the project's assets (libraries,
JDK, for example) in the project tree? Those are properties
of the project, backing assets if you will. JBuilder
handles this well by making them accessible in the
Properties dialog.
6. While it is often unnecessary, I like to have different windows
setup for debugging (and I added some views from Java into Debug
mode, so I can do both while debugging).
In Eclipse or JBuilder. I would think that in the latter, this
is not necessary unless you are debugging across projects.
Paul Furbacher (TeamB)
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