JOT: getInnerClasses() and anonymous classes

2003-09-12 03:50:02 AM
It's seams like the getInnerClasses (instance method on JotClass) does not return the anonymous
(the classes that are a number after the $ sign).
Have I misses something here? (excerpt from code)
JotFile jotFile =project.getJotPackages().getFile(theSelectedNode.getUrl());
JotClass[] topLevelClasses = jotFile.getClasses();
// handle all toplevel classes. Should normaly only be one per file
for (int ix=0;ix<topLevelClasses.length;ix++) {
JotClass theClass = topLevelClasses[ix];
// handle all inner classes
JotClass[] innerlClasses = theClass.getInnerClasses();
for (int index=0;index<innerlClasses.length;index++) {
JotClass innerClass = innerlClasses[index];