A president who will show up for work every day

2004-10-11 12:38:41 PM
I opened the The Sunday Baltimore Sun today and read the headline, "Bush
Follows Gut Instincts". I got a mental twinge that this might be
important and then read the heading, "Not a leader given to self-doubt
or back-and-forth discussions of issues, the president sets a course and
rarely turns back to revisit his decisions". That was when the epiphany
overtook me. So many things became so clear so quickly.
The most striking thing to me was that the essence of this moment of
revelation could be stated in four simple words, "So does my dog".
What this made me realize is that I want a president who will agonize
over decisions, staying up for nights on end in research if necessary,
drive her staff nuts with his demands for information, harass the world
powers with requests and demands for cooperation, and, if she is to
announce a decision such as asking for war with another country, I want
to see an exhausted, haggard president who has obviously put heart and
soul into the decision. Then I want a president who agonizes over the
decision for more days and weeks until he is satisfied, finally, that it
was the right one.
And, most of all, I want a president who will show up for work every
God DAMN it! I don't want "charisma". I want a comprehensive, thorough
understanding of the job. I don't want "resolve". I want well-informed,
cooperative decisions. I don't want "tax breaks". I want cost-effective
spending of our money. I don't want "protection". I want full disclosure
of information about threats to the USA. I don't want war. I want a
sworn, uncompromising, unrelenting, universal, diplomatic demand that
all nations constructively cooperate that is pursued with all of the
focus and energy of the religious fanatic.
Let it happen, for all our sakes.
Tinkering with the broken stuff,
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