JB8 - Native executable does not read .config before launch

2003-09-23 03:47:31 PM
How do I make my native executable read the "<executable-name>.config" file
after the native executable has been built ?
I have consulted the Help in JB8 - section "Creating configuration files for
native executables" which states:
"The launcher for the application contains the appropriate executables,
shell scripts, and/or desktop icons and is used to start the application.
Before it launches, it looks for a configuration file for additional
instructions. A configuration file is a text file containing a list of
case-sensitive directives to be executed before launching an executable. "
I have created a test.exe and placed a test.config file in the same
directory. It appears that test.exe does not read the config file before
launching. I changed the mainclass variable in test.config to test this.
The idea behind this, is that I wan't to create a native executable once and
for all and be able to specify the classpath (to future jar-files) in the
config file and preferably the mainclass and JVM arguments. This would
enable me to rename the .exe and .config files, update the .config variables
and then use the new files to launch another jar.