UTF-8 Encoding problem in J builder9

2003-07-01 08:46:52 PM
Hi ..
I wonder how can I understand this problem.
we used UtraEdit for Coding .. but we decided to use Jbuilder for
developing ..
So I'm trying to test IDE.
We use UTF-8 character set for source code ..
Problem is that If I open my JSP Code (writen using UtraEdit -Conversioned
to UTF-8) .. It was opened as iso - 9959 ..
but If I try to make a new JSP in J builder9 .. that's ok. (Of course I set
encoding UTF-8)
If I try it on J Builder 7 .. there is no problem .. (Same file .. Open as
More curious thing is If I try with *.Java code .. there is no problem .. on
both version .. -_-
Help me !! Thanks ..