Please help me with my properties file in Jbuilder9

2003-08-30 03:43:03 AM
I am running Jbuilder 9. I have my "main" program, called Cinq.class
in the c:\javadev\classes\com\app\cinq path.
The source path is
c:\javadev\src\com\app\cinq for
Cinq opens the file by doing a
properties.load(new FileInputStream(""));
Everthing builds and compiles just fine, but no matter where I put the file, Jbuilder can't find it.
When I put it in the c:\javadev\src directory and add it to my
project, Jbuilder seems to copy it to c:\javadev\classes but it
doesn't seem to matter.
I see c:\javadev\classes in the Classpath that Jbuilder is trying to
use to run my program.
Thanks for your help with a very frustrating problem. Hope to get an
answer soon!