2005 Designer issues - ack!

2005-04-08 06:54:26 AM
Sweet jeez, what happened???? I just updated to 2005 and applied the
patch 4, and the designer won't let me do much of anything to some
beans. I have the JClass graph classes from Quest, and this integrated
so nicely with JBuilder X, I had no idea I'd have any problems with
I've tried to create a new JPanel, drop a JClass SimpleChart onto the
panel, then set some attribute of the JChart. Any attribute. ANYTHING.
I get:
"Warning: cannot set XXX property for simpleChart1 --
java.lang.illegalArgumentException: object is not an instance of
declaring class"
??? I haven't done anything special, yet! I can't post a code example
of what I've done... my 2005 is on a machine that may not be on the
Internet. But the above has only 3 steps: create new JPanel, drop
SimpleChart, try to change any attribute of new SimpleChart. That's it.
I can't even do that.
I've searched thru the archives of this group, and I've tried a few
things, like the Java version and overriding the default constructor,
but nothing has helped so far.
I'm the Lead UI designer for an advanced software group. I have to have
the Designer working... do I need to roll back to X?
Janene McCrillis
Lockheed Martin Space Systems