Re: Why I can't compile all the .java file in the subdirectory

2003-07-05 02:23:26 AM
On 7/4/2003 at 1:20:47 AM, Alex Dyer wrote:
When I opened the "project pane" and right-click "make" on package
node , which had some sub-packages, nothing happened.
It should have done a make on all of the classes in that package. Note
that classes that are in subpackages of that package are not in that
package, so they will not be made. It will also make classes that are
dependent on classes being made.
when I did the same thing to a package node which had no sub-package,
all worked well.
Again, it should have made all of the classes in the package.
But, how can I compile all the sub-package at one click?
If you click on an automatic source package discovery node, it will
make all of the classes under that node, including those in subpackages.
John McGrath [TeamB]