JB8 just installed, but it can't find the java.lang.Object directory

2003-12-11 10:42:18 AM
I just installed JB8 Ent. I started an applet from the wizard and when I
build it, the compiler says it is can't find java.lang.Object and it can't
access the directories for the applet classes. This makes no sense, I read
that JB8 doesn't need CLASSPATH and PATH vars and this should be set up thru
the libraries. I set up a library for JDK 1.4.2 and all the source is
contained in src.zip and the library wizard picks it up OK but this error is
still there. I also set up a JDK for 1.4.2 and still the same error. I also
added the 1.4.2 library to the project and am using the 1.4.2 JDK aswell to
no avail. Can anyone help me. This was never a problem with JB7.
Nick Szabo