ANN: New XML Differencing, Updated XML Mapping in Stylus Studio 5.3

2004-07-03 03:47:51 AM
A new update for the Stylus Studio XML IDE adds a new XML Differencing
Tool, updated visual XML mapping tools and many other features. Download
a free trial of Stylus Studio 5.3 at:
Highlights of new XML Differencing Tool:
* Differencing of XML files and folders using a customizable color-coded
XML tree view
* Support for one-to-one and many-to-one XML file
* Step through XML differences node-by-node
* View differences using "split-screen" and "merged changes" views
* Expand all changes, or collapse identical XML blocks to simplify the
* User-configurable XML differencing settings allow you to optionally
resolve or ignore
* XML entity references and XML namespaces
More information at:
Updates to Stylus Studio XML Mapping Tools:
Stylus Studio's visual XML mapping tools now support new split-screen
editing mode that simultaneously display fully editable views of both
the visual XML mapping diagram and the underlying XSLT or XQuery source
code which implements the visual XML mapping. You can now edit either
the source code or the visual XML mapping diagram, and see instantly the
effect their changes have - all without clicking a separate tab or
opening another editor. The automatic synchronization of both the visual
mapping diagram and the XSLT or XQuery source code views is the most
productive mode for developing XML mappings and is a great way to learn
the intricacies of XSLT and XQuery. More information at:
The Stylus Studio Team