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IDE Performance

2003-12-05 01:50:53 AM
I've installed the JBuilderX trial and the IDE is very, very slow.
I have a Pentim III 128MB.
Is it an issue?
Hernan Alizieri

Re:IDE Performance

HAlizieri wrote:
I have a Pentim III 128MB.
Is it an issue?
Most certainly :-).
The JBX Enterprise install sets the maximum VM size to 256M, so you'll
be thrashing memory (to and from swap) each time you garbage-collect. If
you set the maximum VM size to 128M (to match your physical memory),
you'll instead be garbage collecting all the time. Either way, you lose..
Get more memory. Harsh answer, but memory is cheap these days, while JBX
is not :-). 512MB of memory (quite probably the maximum for your box)
can be bought for well under $100 these days after rebates.

Re:IDE Performance

Thank you, Shankar
Hernan Alizieri