Re: Using the locate() method of a DataSet either doesn't change rowsor it throws errors or both

2004-07-30 02:29:36 PM
Dante wrote:
The ComboBox needs to be indexed to the value from the LAV_ERO_JOB_ORDER
table (the saved "order") (queryDataSet1's value) but, the other values
from the LAV_ERO_CATEgory table need to be available so that the user
can edit the "order" if need be. The values in the database
(LAV_ERO_JOB_ORDER table) do NOT need to change until the user actually
SUBMITS the changes so, changing these values "on the fly" in the
LAV_ERO_JOB_ORDER table is not necessary or desired.
You can accomplish this with a jdbCombo and a column with its
picklistdescriptor defined. Check the database manual thingy for
working with picklists or something similiar :)