Data in a combo.... and ODBC (correction)

2004-06-09 06:59:25 AM
Just a correction I mentioned movile device....
I meant in a CD, 3 1/2 diskette, sorry
"Alejandra Parra" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >escribi?en el mensaje
Hello everyone!

I'd like to know hoy to display the result of this:

"SELECT field1, field2 FROM table"

... in a Combo, showing in the Combo List, both fields, so when the user
picks an option, the combo displays one column selected index (field1) and
the other column selected index (field2) in a label.... PLEASE HELP

I'd like to know... if I have the application on a movile device, I won't
able to be configurating the ODBC in each computer that uses the
application, how can I handle mdb database without accesing to Control
Panel... etc????