Deployment with Academic licence

2003-11-12 01:11:57 AM
Hi all,
I have a JBuilder 8 Ent, Academic Licence since Feb 2003. Untill recently i
was able to deploy my projects and submit it to professor teaching the class
as jar files. But from about a month ago, I am not able to deploy any
project which contains any not standard API imports.
Deployment process goes fine, I made sure all libraries are added to the
project, I choose the option Include All classes and all resources, but I
am not able to run jar or Native Executable if I use, say PaneLayout (
import com.borland.jbcl.layout.*;) or FontChooser (import
com.borland.dbswing.FontChooser;). It says: Fatal Error Occured.
As soon as I replace PaneLayout to Border Layout and get rid of FontChooser,
jar runs fine.
Also, everything runs fine in development environment.
Does someone know, is it because of Academic Lincence or I am missing
something. I was able to run jar files before.