Multiple selection in JdbTable - why disabled?

2004-10-25 09:40:11 PM
Hello all,
we have a large application built using dbSwing/DataExpress. In several
places in the application we enable multi-line selection in a JdbTable. This
has worked flawlessly up until our recent upgrade to JBuilder 2005.
The version of dbSwing that comes with JBuilder 2005 throws an
IllegalArgumentException in the JdbTable.setSelectionMode() method if the
selection mode is anything other than ListSelectionModel.SINGLE_SELECTION.
My question is: why?
I have managed to workaround the problem by setting the selection mode on
the selection model, rather than on the table directly. i.e.
JdbTable table;
This appears to function correctly.
It is possible that the change in the JdbTable occurred prior to JBuilder
2005, but I cannot confirm it. It is still very confusing why Borland would
attempt to disable a feature that works fine!!
Any one out there with more info on this?
Thanks in advance,
David Sykes