a common yet hard-to-resolved problem for Java GUI size!

2005-10-25 03:52:54 PM
The Java application GUI (setPreferSize to some hardcoded dimension)
gets smaller when it comes to wide screen (Dell 16:9 laptop), and the
users have to resize the GUI every time they are launched (so as to see
the action buttons). This problem seems to happen for 16:9 wide screen
so far, but may also happen when it comes to monitor with non default
1. What are the factors deciding the swing (awt) GUI size, besides
resolution and font? Is wide screen really an individual factor?
2. How to formulate a universal good GUI size? Or any examples to
define different sizes for different display-cases?
Thought the following functions might be needed, although I heard that
Toolkit.getScreenResolution() cannot really detect screen resolution.
Toolkit.getScreenResolution(), Toolkit.getScreenSize(), getFontSize()
Any example or information will be highly appreciated!