DD Editor Viewer: the display name doesn't change when selected file changes

2004-04-03 06:11:59 AM
Suppose one has several descriptor files for which
there is a common viewer which extends
XmtAbstractFormsNodeViewer. Its "getDisplayName()"
returns "Config", so that for each file that is
viewed the big, bold title in the editor will read
"Config: ..." where the "..." is provided by the
display name resolver associated with the node.
Let's also say that the root xmtNode is represented by
a wrapper class called MyWrapper. The node display name
resolver (XmtPropertyValueNodeDisplayNameResolver)
returns the "name" property's value.
Now, let's say that we have two descriptor files
which we'll open in the DD Editor. For one file,
the value of "name" is "Bart", and for the other
it's "Homer". When the first one is opened
the big , the big bold text reads
Config: Bart
When the second file is opened in the DD Editor,
the big, bold text reads
Config: Homer
Now, if I switch back to the first file, the
big, bold text does *not* change to reflect the
fact that we are looking at "Bart" not "Homer".
(If this is confusing, imagine that you could have
two "struts-config.xml" or "ejb-jar.xml" files in the
the same project, and you wanted to be able to
have a different banner (big, bold text) for each,
instead of "Struts Config: struts-config.xml". Of
course, it would help in this imagined example if
the <struts-config>"id" attribute of one
file was "Bart" and the other was "Homer". The
desired effect would be:
Struts Config: Bart
Struts Config: Homer
What am I missing such that when the selection
of a different tab in the Content Pane occurs, it
will cause a change in that piece of displayed text?
Paul Furbacher (TeamB)
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