No Deselection upon Mouseclick in JB9 editor RH9 kde

2003-10-29 11:35:36 PM
I'm working on a JBuilder 9 PE on Red Hat 9, kde and I'm experiencing
a fairly inconvenient problem within the editor:
I make a selection in the text (java code) using the mouse:
I press the mouse button down at the beginning of the intended
selection and drag the mouse to the intended end of my selection, and
release the mouse button.
Now, a normal selection exists.
If I want to continue typing (or pasting) at some other place outside
the selection now, I click at the desired location.
The insanity is that JBuilder ignores my first click. If I click the
second time to place the cursor, then it accepts it, discards my
selection and places the cursor at the desired spot, just as it should
have happend at my first click.
Any follow-ups on this are greatly appreciated!!!
: raffael