Re: Overlapping Dialogs in JB8

2003-08-13 07:33:17 AM
Phillip, Darryl wrote:
Hello Newsgroup:

JBuilder is a great Java IDE.!

When I add a "JDialog" to my main application Frame, the Dialog screen
overlaps the main app screen in the designer.

The problem temporarily goes away when I close and re-open the
application but, the Dialog always comes back to overlap the main

Of course, the main app screen cannot be edited once it is covered with
the Dialog. No matter what I do, I cannot bring the main app screen to
the forefront.

Any ideas what is causing this ? Please advise.

Thank you.

I think you might be confused about what a JDialog, JFrame, and JPanel
are. JDialog's should not ever be "added" to a JFrame. I recommend
that you go to the Swing Tutorial on Sun's website, and get all of these
different types of "windows" straight before you use them in the designer.
Lori Olson (TeamB)
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