Problem with jar/war/ear locations in heterogenous JBuilderX IDE environment...

2004-04-30 05:23:16 AM
Our develpment environment for developers is partially Linux and
partially Windows. When we specify a location for a jar file out of the
normal project location. When the jpx file is updated and moved to the
other platform, the path for the jar ends up being wrong. An example of
how our project is setup follows:
lib <---- where we put jar files
proj1 <----- One JBuilder project
proj2 <----- 2nd JBuilder project uses jar files from project 1 in
lib directory
When jpx file is checked in for proj1 under windows directory for
proj1.jar appears as c:\basedir\lib when Linux developer updates their
jpx file.
When jpx file is checked in for proj1 under Linux for proj1.jar appears
as /home/userNameA/baseDir/lib when windows user updates jpx file. Also
for a different Linux user the wrong username will appear in the jar file.
Is it just a bad idea to specify locations for files outside of the base
project directory (proj1 in this case)? What is the "proper way" for
solving this sort of issue?
Thanks for any help,