NoClassDefFoundError building EJB in JB9!

2003-09-28 11:51:58 PM
Hello all,
Iam using JB9 and BES5.1. I have created a simple EJB in JB
but can't build the project! I get the following message:
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:
The jars under BES v5.1 Client library contains the following included
in the project:
/usr/local/BES/bin/java2iiop -VBJclasspath /usr/local/BES/lib/asrt.jar:
The missing jar seems to be vbdev.jar. When I add that it gives the same
error for another class. So I add vbjdev.jar. But after that I get an
error message "Error contact inprise support". Any idea how to fix this.
I would really appreciate some help from Borland support.