Server cores when migrated to Visibroker 5.2.1 from 4.5

2004-05-08 12:18:26 AM
Server program working perfectly fine with Visibroker 4.5 crashes when
migrated to BES 5.2.1. NO code change has been made. Server code is
BOA implemented.
The server runs good if doesn't make multiple server to server calls.
When it does, it hangs for some time and then cores. Stack trace says
it cores when it tries to connect to database. I had big problems
when I try to start the server itself. It has been resolved by
increasing the
threadStackSize to 256000. Had anyone come across simillar isses, pls
help me out! Is there any other properties to be set to make this code
work, like threadMax, threadMaxIdle or related. And disturbing fact is
that, most of the time (95%) it works fine the first time, but sure to
core next time!