JBuilder 9 enterprise EJB webservice tutorial problem

2003-12-12 10:25:20 PM
I am using trial version of JBuilder 9 Enterprise Weblogic edition and trying to go through the tutorials.
The tutorial "Creating a web service from an EJB application"
works fine until I try to generate client side code in STEP 4 of the tutorial. The Step asks to right click on .eargrp in the project pane and select "import a web service wizard" .
It is supposed to generate a GeneratedWebServiceClients.jar file that contains the client side code that I can use to write my client code against. It gives me a dialog box saying that it is generating but nothing happens. A directory with the name GeneratedWebServiceClients is seen but nothing else.
Any hints suggestions pointers will be greatly appreciated.
Oh, I am on Windows NT 4.0 and using weblogic 7.04
Santosh( skulkar AT greyhound DOT com)