pick list

2003-07-27 08:54:42 PM
I noticed a very odd behavior of the jdbTable on record delete. The jdbTable
is linked to the QueryDataSet
and displays two columns. Both columns have a pick list associated. If I
create a new record, post it and saveChanges to the database and then try
to delete it I can see that the record is deleted but pick list is visible
in the first column and shows the first value in it. If I call delete method
again the value in the first colum disapears but the value in the second
column now is visible and set to the first value in then pick list. If call
deleteRow method third time all is gone and jdbTable does not show any
this does not happen with other tables that have a pick list assigned to the
After deletion of the record if I right click on the jdbTable I can see that
in the popup menue the option to cancel changes is available, as if pick
list forced to insert the value into the jdbtable.
Any help will be appriciated