Language browser compatibility

2003-11-19 05:20:04 PM
Hi Guys,
After a break of 2 years I'm now re-visiting the world of java.
I recall on my last foray that I had to stick to java 1.1 so I could deploy
applets from a server and obtain maximum compatibility with the standard
browsers, supplied on all platforms: We live in the pre-press industry where
folk use diverse platforms such as Sparc, Mac, PC (mnimum Win2K, or XP),
using Netscape and Internet Explorer, etc.
I would like to exploit the improvements made to Java in the recent past so
hopefully things have moved along since the Java 1.1 days.
I was wondering if anyone could point me at a definitive answer about the
cross-platform, cross-browser compatibility of Java.
It must acheive the following criteria:
1) Support for Java X.Y must be currently available on the standard
browser installed on a particular OS.
2) Client computers therefore do not need to download 'special
packages':e.g. new JRE, etc.
3) Applet must upload from server very quickly.
Obviously if the JRE can be deployed from the server with a minimal impact
on performace/upload times then I would be very grateful to hear how this
can be done.
Thanks In Advance,