[Deitel and Deitel's Java Book] Re: Newbie learning Java..

2003-10-10 01:12:23 PM
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Huub wrote:

>I'm trying to learn Java and studying Bruce Eckels' book but can
>somebody recommend a book that not only has questions but supplies the
>answers to ALL questions as well?
>Thank you
Look at, "Java 2 How to Program" series. I use this to
do corporate teaching and have found it to be the best overall Introduction
to Java on the market.

It might be due to the fact that Deitel's pedagological style and my own are
quite similar, however <G>.

I would highly discourage anyone from buying any Deitel and Deitel
First, they are way over priced, especially for a paper back. Perhaps
that is because they are targeted primarily for the academic market
where students must buy the book to take the course and have no choice
but to get gouged.
Second, much of the content of their books is very similar, many of the
same examples and exercises in C, C++ and Java that have been around
for years, but the price keeps going up.
Last, I bought a copy of C++ How to Program when I took C++ in college.
Before the semester was over, the book had blocks of pages falling out
of it (noticed the same thing with the instructor's and other student's
books). Quality Prentice Hall books for you.
I have many O'Reilly books and have yet to have pages fall out of them.
Ed Holloman