ANN: DXOverRMI 0.1 released

2004-08-22 07:05:54 PM
ANN: DXOverRMI 0.1 released
DXOverRMI is a class library which simplifies the development of RMI
client/server applications using Borland(tm) DataExpress(tm), inspired
by Borland Delphi's three-tier DataSnap components (a.k.a MIDAS).
The first version, including full source code and a small demo
application is now available at CodeCentral (listing # 22177, JavaBeans
section). The demo requires an InterBase 6.5 server and its example
database, but with small modifications it can be used with any JDBC
enabled server.
Hopefully it is helpful for someone, and does not contain more bugs than
features - feedback is very welcome.
Michael Justin
dxor developer