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JBuilder vs. TABulator key problem ?

2004-10-29 01:30:08 AM
im using jbuilder X and 2005 in school and am getting pretty irritated by
JBuilder reformatting my code everytime i use TAB ->if i TAB backwards
(<-) the problem is not present ?? how du i turn this off, i cant find
anything in preferences ...
the problem is this, if i move this code right with the TAB key, i get the
reformatted code below, id rather just have my own formatting....
public void method()
public void method(){
notice its the bracket that has moved to the right java formatting, but im
having trouble reading my code in that format, and would rahter just have it
the other way.... how to turn it off ???
Thanks in advance !!!!

Re:JBuilder vs. TABulator key problem ?

my bad, found the answer in the group, have a nice day