Re: Server Launch Failed Error (JBuilder 8+Tomcat 3.3+ClearCase+Windows XP)

2003-11-13 05:04:35 AM
Yes, Borland is not very helpful when it comes to documentation. I
encountered the same error when I upgraded from JBulder 5 to JBuilder 8.
For $3500, I expect more support than I am getting.
To solve this problem you have to include the tomcat.jar in the server
class. This seems rather stupid but that's the way it works.
I encountered another problem that I'm hoping someone can help me with.
When I try to run my web application using Tomcat 3.3 in JBuilder I get the
following error message:
No method matching flushBuffer() found in class
Does anyone know what this means and how to resolve it?
"Konstantin" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >wrote in message

I have newly installed JBuilder 8 with Apache Tomcat 3.3 that came with it
on Windows XP platform. When I try to run my web application by hitting F9
or Shift+F9 sometimes I see that all the files compiled without problems but
the application didn't start. The error message is "Server Launch Failed",
which appears in the status bar of the main window.

What I need to do to fix it is "rebuild" and "make" the project repeatedly
and then try to run it. After several attempts it will launch. This is very

This problem did not exist in the similar setup with JBuilder 5.
As soon as I upgraded to JBuilder 8 it appeared.

My source code files are stored on a mapped drive that is a ClearCase
repository (Rational ClearCase for Windows XP).
My JDK that I set up in the project is the one I downloaded from Sun. It
is JDK 1.3.1_07. My default compiler for this project is "Borland Make".

When I change default compiler to "Project Javac" this problem seems to
disappear but "Project Javac" has its own faults. It does not always catch
the updates of the class files that are externally compiled and linked to
the project as "Required Libraries". In that case the JBuilder IDE code
auto-completion comes up with all sorts of errors that don't even exist.
When you press Ctrl+F9 or F9 to compile these IDE error messages do not

So what should I do to avoid these problems?
Which compiler should I use?
How should I set up my run-time configuration?
JBuilder's help file is not very helpful on "Build Target" topic in the
Run-time configuration window. Do I need different run-time configurations
for "Make", "Rebuild" and "Run" ?

Any input will be greatly appreciated.