formatting problem, minor, but annoying

2004-10-26 05:09:58 AM
I have JBuilder X Foundation installed on my RedHat9 Linux box.
Its mildly better than 9 but not in ways that matter all that much.
However there is a minor but annoying bit of behavio(u)r I was
wondering about ( probably something embarassingly simple ).
I am working on a project that was initially coded on JB9.
The annoying behavio(u)r occurs when CodeInsight completes a
number of things.
for instance,
A for block:
for( int t_j; t_j<2; t_j++ )
} <--- that ought to line up with the leading bracket IIRC, F2 will make
it do so
I have my editor preferences set to change leading tabs to spaces.
What painfully obvious setting have I missed?
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