Please recommend Swing book

2005-08-30 03:18:16 PM
Hi Guys
I've recently purchased Borland JBuilder (Developer) and understand how
to create dialogs, frames etc, and the MVC architecture.
I don't really know how I should structure my mid-sized Swing project.
I don't know what directory structure to use - how the project should
be organised.
- Should a JTable/Tabbed Pane/etc be encapsulated in its own class or
just be added to the main program?
- Is it bad to just add all the visual components in Designer and have
one big .java file - or is this the whole point of using a Designer
with a Code Folding (i.e. to hide the complexity/mess)??
I did read on some Borland page somewhere that they recommend using a
'Composite' UI design. If anyone knows what this is, or knows how I
would learn about this, i would be most grateful.
I would love to hear any advice people have, or recommendations on what
books to buy.